Hua Ta Artwork Printing Co., Ltd was established in 1992 by the founder Ming Feng Ho. Previously located at Daqing St, Wurih Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.). In order to expand the business scope, we moved to the current location in conjunction wtih “Ta Feng Nameplate Ltd” operated by Mr. Ho’s brothers.

Hua Ta is applying OEM principle in business setting. Instead of competing in the low-cost oriented marketplace, we are setting the business model to provide high quality, deep sense, and delicate products and customization service. Depend on the advanced embossing technology working over the years, our offering make it possible to stand out easily due to its unique, upscale and customized characteristics.

We have left some footprints as well as a fine reputation in printing industry. Such as the cooperation with the esteemed Sinyi Township Farmer’s Associations  and the blockbuster director, Te-Sheng Wei, of“Cape No. 7”(2007) and “Seediq Bale”(2011).

With the close touch in the market trends, we have been striving to the produce development by investing in the advanced equipment and recruit professional talent over the years. It is our aim to participate into the international marketplace in terms of our state-of-the-art technique and first-class products. Hua Ta is willing to welcome the respected customers to contact us and the best visit us browsing a collection of samples to put forward your unique design.


Our machinery and equipment