Company competitiveness At present, Taiwan is a small number of companies with franchise embossing as a selling point. Our company can provide the most professional and complete embossing technology.

Our embossing machine is a single-plate embossing machine, which can save the cost of traditional embossing wheel plate, replace the expensive embossing roller with metal sheet, make it easy, and use it as a white iron plate. The principle of chemical corrosion will be etched on the surface of the pattern, and then installed in the plate cylinder surface, after heating through the embossing pattern will be accurately printed on the material to the formation and a variety of refraction patterns and patterns.

Our embossed version of the production of fine, varied, flexible use of lines.

Our company provides customized services so that customers can do their own special lines to help customers in the product to do different, increase their products in the market competitiveness.


The use of embossing can reduce the cost of buying art paper, the general ready-made embossed paper is more expensive, but if you can buy ordinary paper, and then press the pattern, you can save a lot of cost.

Our business model is different from the general printing plant, we can also produce the general printing products, like the printing market on the market, you can also produce highly embossed prints. The printing of the outside is like a well-known Jianhao printing, are mixed with the way for the customer service, mainly in reducing costs, relatively low production costs, and I provide the Secretary to provide high-quality line is different , For example, in the production of special embossed, most of the printing plant only to provide a more simple lines or no embossed technology, so that can not provide customers with more fine added value.

The current embossing technology, the world is not yet universal, but our technology can be regarded as one of the world’s best, and there are many printing plants will have to imitate the design of our lines, in order to become the leader of the embossed sector Sheep, I Division not only continue to develop new lines, but also actively study embossed technology can be applied to what materials and products.

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